Addition to standard product range: MW 1.65 mm, grey-blue/natural white

We are increasing our standard range of corrugated boards by a low-weight microflute (E-flute) material, 1.65 mm in thickness, with a specially finished top layer which is dyed grey-blue throughout.

The new MW 1.65 mm is a wet-strength, glued microflute with a grammage of 560 g/m², the top layer consisting of grey-blue archival board with 190 g/m². The top surface is erasable and resistant to dirt and dry wiping. MW 1.65 mm corrugated board is particularly suitable for making boxes and folders.

The new product is great value for money. As far as boxes and folders are concerned, a price saving of 10 – 15 % can be achieved by using the new MW 1.65 mm instead of MW 1.7 mm. KLUG-CONSERVATION's broad range of ageing-resistant corrugated boards makes it easy to find a solution to meet your requirements as well as your budget.

The material is compliant with both EN ISO 9706 and ISO 16245.

Item no. 02110447
Weight: 560 gsm
Thickness: 1.65 mm
Size: 100 x 172 cm

Item no. 02110547
Weight: 560 gsm
Thickness: 1.65 mm
Size: 110 x 172 cm

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