New in our product range: Corrugated board F 1.3 mm

We are supplementing our range of corrugated boards with a 1.3 mm thick F-flute. This enables us to expand our corrugated boards range to include lower thicknesses. The F 1.3 mm quality is, in particular, perfectly suitable for the manufacture of clamshell boxes and telescope type boxes with a low filling depth and small dimensions.

This enables us to reduce the filling depth of a KS 3 clamshell box 50 x 35 cm from the previous 25 mm to => NEW 20 mm. As for the KS 16 telescope type storage boxes the minimum filling depth can be reduced more significantly: By using the  F 1.3 mm corrugated board we can reduce the currently/previously valid 30 mm minimum filling depth to => NEW 20 mm* (depending upon the surface grammage). F.1 mm corrugated board is also extremely suitable for making expansion folders with or without flaps (made from a single sheet) or for folders with fabric hinges - it provides form-stablity whilst consuming less space.

The Corrugated board F 1.3 mm is guaranteed to be ageing resistant in accordance with the ISO 9706 standard. The base board material is natural white, the top ply is made from grey-blue archival board 300 gsm with a specially treated top surface, dirt-resistant, erasable and rub-proof (dry wiping). Each individual ply is glued using a moisture-proof adhesive.

  • Item 011347
  • Size: 180 x 120 cm
  • Thickness: 1.3 mm
  • Weight: approx. 640 gsm
  • Packaging unit: 20 shs./unit

* Naturally we can also make boards of a smaller size & lesser filling depth from thicker corrugated board grades, however we would recommend and advise only constructions and minimum filling depths that are practical: KLUG products should be easy to handle, and yet have high stability, so as to optimize their protective functionality and ensure long-lasting satisfaction when using them.

If you have any questions or special wishes please do not hesitate to contact is via telephone at +49 (0)8323 9653 30 or via e-mail.

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