EF-Flute corrugated board, light grey / natural white, in XXL format

New: This sturdy corrugated board in XXL format is especially suitable for making large size boxes and file folders.

Unlike single ply corrugated board, this double ply (layered) corrugated board in XXL size is much more sturdy and posesses higher resistance against crushing while being stacked. This corrugated board, in light grey/natural white, is very suitable for making large size boxes and file folders. The individual plies (layers) of the corrugated board are glued together moisture-proof, by means of a special treatment, to ensure water-resistance of the corrugated board. In the case of damage this special adhesion method guarantees durability (water-resistance) of a minimum of 24 hours. Finished without the usage of optical brightening agents, breathable and highly durable in accordance with the ISO 9706 standard.

• Item no. 02111477
• Size: 180 x 245 cm
• Colour: light grey/natural white
• Thickness: approx. 2,7 mm
• Weight: approx. 900 gsm
• Delivery: packed in plastic foil 5 sheets/packaging unit

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