In addition to storage of photographs, many types of flat objects of cultural value such as letters, graphics, prints, drawings, documents etc. are stored in opaque paper envelopes and pockets. The papers used are all ageing-resistant and available with or without an alkaline buffer.
Folder enclosures with inscription flap
Unbuffered, folder enclosures made from opaque photographic archival paper. The enclosure is open on three sides and has a 10 mm longer back flap for inscription purposes. These enclosures are ideally suitable for the archival storage of prints, negatives, glass plates etc.
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Four flap folders
Seamless, four flap folder enclosures folded from a single sheet of unbuffered, opaque photographic archival paper. These folder enclosures are suitable for archiving glass plates, valuable photographs and negatives.
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Envelopes– L-style
Envelope enclosures with a L-style opening, open on two adjacent sides. The envelopes are made from buffered museum paper, 120 gsm, light white in colour, OBA-free.
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Envelopes – U-style
These ageing resistant, U-style envelope enclosures have especially been developed for archiving photographs, microfiches, glass plates and film negatives. The envelopes are available with or without an alkaline buffer, in natural white or white coloured photographic archival paper. The envelope opening is on the longer side.
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Envelope enclosures for negatives
These envelope enclosures in U-form are made of unbuffered opaque paper and are available in two sizes to store 35 mm or 6 x 6 cm negative strips. The seams are sealed with a PAT-tested adhesive (glue).
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Envelope Enclosures for Microfiches
The microfiche envelopes in U-form are available in white buffered long-term archival paper or in opaque unbuffered photo archival quality, both PAT-tested. The enclosures are open on the longer side. The seams are sealed with a PAT-tested adhesive (glue).
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