Exceptional lightfastness

Archival paper and board in grey-blue (047) and light grey (048) now with more light and UV protection.

KLUG-CONSERVATION has over the years continuously been improving the lightfastness of their archival paper and board qualities grey-blue (047) and light grey (048). Archival paper and board in grey-blue (047) has now achieved from level 3 – 4 the excellent lightfastness of 7 – 8. Similarly, the lightfastness of light grey (048) archival paper and board has improved from level 3 to the good level of 5 – 6. The less lightfast paper and board is, the quicker they fade. Especially in the case of coloured qualities, it is of foremost importance that despite exposure to light and UV rays the material does not fade. Due to the remarkable improvement of the lightfastness of KLUG archival paper and board, they now possess even more protection against light and UV radiation. We continuously work on the further development of our products: Within the past few months the complete stock of KLUG archival board and paper products has been manufactured using the new dyes and improved dyeing methods. Moreover, our products also possess high bleeding resistance in accordance with ISO 16245:2012. However, one thing has remained unchanged: the price! We now offer our new archival and board products with more colour stability and superior quality with no extra charge.

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