Flat works of art are getting larger and larger – what can be done?

The projects of our customers reflect life in all its facets. From tiny objects to huge quantities, from an individual work of art to the storage of a whole collection of objects – we have solutions for almost everything!

To present increasingly large art appropriately, KLUG-CONSERVATION’s product range includes oversize passepartout and conservation boards, which we would like to focus on specifically today.

Item 018926/7: Mounting board 018 – white, thickness 2,6 mm, size 170 x 252 cm, weight 1780 gsm

Item 01526/7: Mountig board 015 – light white, thickness 2,6 mm, size 170 x 252 cm, weight 1970 gsm

Both items are alkaline-stored, meet the criteria of the EN ISO 9706 standard and are PAT-tested. They are particularly easy to cut, have excellent bevel cutting properties and are ideal for conservation quality framing and presentation.

017-ES-naturweiss_600x450The member that completes the family is our museum quality "conservation board":

Item  01726/7: Conservation board 017 – natural white,
thickness 2,6 mm, format 170 x 252 cm, weight 1970 gsm.

All three qualities are very popular with our customers.

And to top it all: All three are products are FSC®MIX CREDIT,
GFA-COC-003913 certified.

More information here: Mounting boards und conservation boards.

For further questions and answers please contact us via telephone here +49 (0)8323 9653 30 or per e-mail at info@klug-conservation.com

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