Guarantee of Quality - what does this actually state?

KLUG-CONSERVATION consequently manufactures paper and board qualities in accordance with strictly set conservation and preservation regulations to guarantee permanent archival storage conditions.

The fulfillment of standards such as the ISO 9706 and DIN 6738 LDK 12-80 (the highest level of permanency) are self-evident. In addition, our products for photographic archiving are PAT tested. All our products are delivered with a binding "Guarantee of Quality", thus insuring that they are ideally suitable for long-term archival storage purposes

Guarantee of Qualiy
We hereby confirm that the quality of our board and paper products and the products made out of them meet the following criteria:

• 100 % bleached cellulose (alpha cellulose)
• without the usage of recycling fibres
• free of wooden fibres
• pH value between 8,0 - 9,5 = acid-free (in accordance with ISO 6588-1-2005 cold exrtract)
• alkaline reserve (buffer) > 2 -3 % natural calcium carbonate (GCC)
• neutral / synthetic sizing (without alum additive)

Herewith our quality corresponds with the technological basis of the ISO 9706 and DIN 6738 LDK 12-80 standards (the highest levels of permanency).

"Guarantee of Quality" - What does this actually state?
Each of our products offers a quality guarantee, which legally reaches far beyond the normal warranty terms, ensuring that the materials used meet the requirements for guaranteed permanency. For you as a customer that implies, that regardless of any individual measuring tests and results, for example from independent institutes such as "The Paper technological Foundation (PTS), the product quality basically meets the guaraneteed requirements (characteristics).

In the case of the quality being contrary to the expectation, then with a binding "Guarantee of Quality" one can claim for damages, for replacement or for return without any obligation. This applies even in the case, if the guaranteed and delivered product quality does not have an official "Guarantee of Quality" certificate, because a warranty generally covers the complete product and not just a few batches or certain individual material parts of the product. Apart from batch or certain materials of the product being tested, which is sometimes only required in tenders, these test will always offer a glimpse into the past. Usually the complete product ist not audited. For you, being the end-user and purchaser of KLUG products, our "Guarantee of Quality" certificate gives you an indefinite guarantee far beyond the legally required minimium of 24-months.

You may contact us for further quieries anytime. Our Sales Manager, Mr. Ludwig lechner, can be contacted at +49 8323 9653 366 or by e-mail at

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