Interleaving archival paper now available on rolls

Article-No. 01022

Unbuffered, transparent archival paper especially designed for the archival storage of photographs and negatives.

Weight: ca. 30 g/m²
Reel width: 120 cm
Reel length: 500 lfm

100% bleached cellulose (alpha cellulose)
without the usage of recycled fibres
free of wooden fibres
Kappa level 1-2 = lignin-free (TAPPI T 236 om-99)
pH cold extraction: 8,0 - 9,5 (TAPPI T 509 om-02)
without alkaline reserve (buffer)
free of softeners, solvents and external plasticizers
without optical brighteners (OBA free)
PAT-Test positive in accordance with ANSI IT 9.16 / ISO 14523-1999

The rolled archival paper on a reel is supplied packed in a NOMI®-Box KS 16. The approximate net weight of the paper plus reel is 21 kg.

For further information please contact Mrs. Ursula Diebold at the following E-Mail address