KLUG-CONSERVATION - Shift and Renovation of our premises December 2006 - February 2007


It all started on the 20th Dec. 2006. ... The first structural renovations measures were carried out in the attic, where till then the processing and assembly of all our boxes and folders took place.

Windows and walls were taken apart. Machinery from the attic were to be transfered onto the first floor....

Till then our sales department, office management and accounty departments were located on the first floor. Over here we had to remove the interveening partition walls...

It really looked very chaotic...!

... slowly but surely changes could be seen... most of all it did not look a mess anymore, but a bit cleaner ( here the view of one of the former managment offices)

... whether the cleaners took a hand here and did a miraculous job ....

Renovations preceded very quickly.
Craftsmen ... drill machines... saw dust everywhere ... yet at the same time our personnel started work again. The production facilities had to go on.

Meanwhile our sales department had already shifted to the attic and were already working in full force.

The partition walls on the first floor were dismantled and put up else where....

The old flooring was removed and new ones were layed.

Even though renovations were taking place, our production facility on thetop floor was still functioning in full swing. our clienst were not to face shipment delays due to our renovation work.

This pictures on the left shows the new "Quality Assurance" office, located on the first floor, being set up. The office room also comprises of a small laboratory where all necessary quality tests can be undergone.

This was one of the first office rooms that were set up, KLUG's Accountancy Department. Delaying the issue of invoices is something no company appreciates !

The office rooms for our purchasing department and the managing directors were also very quickly renovated.

A colourful view of the new sales department located on the top floor (attic). This is where your calls get promptly taken and are answered.

This was initially our sales office, now you will find the cutting machine located here.
On the left a view of the new production facility on the first floor where the plotter and grove machines have been installed.
Here, a view of the new "Meeting Room".
We would like to cordially thank all craftsmen and staff, who together have been responsible for the successful renovation.