KLUG blotting boards offer particularly high capillary rise values*

KLUG blotting boards absorb water very quickly in various work processes, making them ideal for restoration work.

Blotting board is a neutral, soft, unglued, minimally pressed, highly absorbent, acid-free board without optical brightening agents. It consists of a high proportion of cotton fibres. The open capillaries of blotting board allow fluids to be absorbed very quickly and effectively. KLUG blotting boards offer a particularly high capillary rise of over 150 ml in 10 min. When treated appropriately, blotting boards can be used for many processing cycles in restoration processes.

KLUG Blotting board:
Grammage 350 and 700 gsm, thickness 1.0 and 2.0 mm
Storage formats 70 x 100 and 100 x 140 cm
Material: approx. 60% cotton pulp, approx. 40% bleached cellulose
Manufactured at around pH 7.0, acid-free, without optical brightening agents (unsized, glued not moisture-proof)
Capillary rise* vertical approx. 160 mm/10 min, horizontal approx. 150 mm/10 min according to DIN 53106
KLUG Blotting board 040 natural white – stock products available

*Capillary rise pursuant to DIN 53106
Assessment of blotting papers and boards is based on the absorbency of the product. As a measure of this property, DIN 53106 describes the capacity of water to rise in a 15 mm wide and 180 mm long strip within a period of 10 min. Capillary rise is measured in a vertical and horizontal direction of the fibres. Capillary rise values of commonly sold blotting papers range between 100 and 130 mm. With values from 150 to 160 mm/10 min, the capillary rise of KLUG blotting boards is far superior to that of blotting boards normally available on the market.

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