KLUG corrugated board, laminated with archival board, blue-grey, manufactured by a new process


Since the past autumn a new manufacturing process has enabled us to produce an improved version of our corrugated board quality 021147, blue-grey laminated with archival board. The well-known disadvantage, partially due to less breakthrough resistance of the corrugated board, could now be improved by directly applying 0.35 mm thick archival board onto the corrugated ply.

Past ply structure: 130/190/135/190 g/m² - new ply structure: 300/135/190 g/m²

The outer board ply with its smooth, erase-firm surface has outstanding groove and folding characteristics and is thereby suitable for both conservation backboard framing as well as for the production of NOMI® Boxes, folders and files.

Apart from the well-known sheet format 100 x 172 cm, this quality can as of now also be offered so in the maxi format 180 x 245 cm. The new production method has enabled us to reduce the square meter price by approximately 9 %.

Material Characteristics:
Corrugated board made of durable and permanent material, natural white in colour. Thickness of the E-flute 1,7 mm, weight of the outer board plys 300 g/m² and 190 g/m². Made without the implementation of optical brighteners. The single folds of the corrugated board (ply) are gummed together moisture-proof. The standards DIN/ISO 9706, PAT-Test and ICN Norm 11 have been successfully fulfilled.

As of now available: Format: 180x245 cm, Article No. 021109

Further information and material samples can be requested for. Please contact Mrs. Karin Stransky. She will gladly help you. E-Mail: ks@klug-conservation.com