Offers KS 16 Two-piece box – only base section of the box

Offer subject to change without notice. Sale as long as stocks last.

KS 16 Two-piece box – only base unit of the box, made from corrugated board MW 1.6 light grey/natural white, 560 gsm, double-walled on two sides, strong and sturdy construction with smooth interior surfaces.

  • Item 21177316
  • Dimensions in mm: interior 82 x 124 x 52, exterior 96 x 129 x 60
  • Price per base unit: 0,73 €, delivery flat
  • 134 pieces available

All prices are net, plus VAT if applicable, to our known delivery and payment conditions. Delivery goods are packed, prices ex works, unless otherwise specified.

  • The quality of board material has not been affected. All offered board and paper products are in accordance with EN ISO 9706 or comply with the rules of long-term archival storage of photographic materials.
  • For an order covering the total quantity of an item available on sale, 5% discount will be granted on the net value (single position order).

Upon interest please contact Sales at +49 (0)8323 9653 30 or via email.

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