Klug - Info - Newsletter No. 20


Immediate off the shelf sale of a special KLUG mounting board, while stocks last:

KLUG Museum mounting board quality 018918/2

Natural white in colour (without optical brighteners), thickness approx. 1,8 mm, format/size 80 x 120 cm, 5 sheets per packaging units (packed in plastic foil).

orders more than 500 sheets, price per sheet 2,55 €
orders more than 250 sheets, price per sheet 2,95 €
orders more than 100 sheets, price per sheet 3,55 €

Delivery free domicile, plus 16% value added tax.

This quality conforms to the the requirements of the standard DIN / ISO 9706 (Information and Documentation - Paper for paperwork and printed products) for permanency.

We would supplementarily like to point out our new product "Tylose MH 300":

Tylose (MH 300) - Article No. 0203
A harmless and suitable adhesive for conservative applications such as file preparation (treatment), mounting of objects and other applications
From the conservation point-of view, tylose MH 300 (methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose), a cellulose derivative, is a totally harmless and reversible adhesive. This bio polymer is usually utilized in the field of paper restoration. It is physiologically harmless and water soluble. Micro-organisms can affect this adhesive with great difficultly.

Tylose MH 300 is stirred (mixed) in germ-free (sterile) water. After swelling, it can be filled into tubes and sealed hermetically. KLUG-CONSERVATION offers tylose MH 300, prepared ready for use, in tubes with 40 ml contents and with a fine dispensing nozzle.

Apart from the file preparation, the adhesive can also be used for other applications. Tylose MH 300 os ideally suite dfor conservation picture framing especially for mounting objects by means of (Japanese) paper slips on the backboard. Tylose is not harmful and thus does not damage th base board/frame, is reversible and water soluble. Futhermore it is extremely difficult for micro-organisms to harm and damage this adhesive.

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With compliments from Immenstadt - Bavaria

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