NOMI - Box KS 3 - Article-No. 2110703 - surplus production


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NOMI-Box KS 3, Article-No. 2110703

A tightly closed, dustproof clamshell box suitable for the storage of books, photographic material and all sorts of loose and unbound objects. Additional base support can be provided.

Product Specifications:
Interior dimensions: 345 x 255 x 65 mm
Exterior dimensions: 353 x 269 x 70 mm
Made from corrugated board material, E-flute, thickness 1,6 mm
Printed single-coloured and one-sided in light grey, back side (layer) natural white in colour, basic weight 560 g/m²
Manufactured without OBA (Optical Brightening Agents)
Top board and flute layers are gummed (stuck) moisture-free.
DIN / ISO 9706 Standard, PAT-Test as well as the ICN Norm 11 are fulfilled.

Quantity: 2000 units
Price per unit: 1,35 €