New Product : Matting board in oversize 182 x 252 cm

Available now ex-stock: Oversize matting board in format 182 x 252 cm.

KLUG-CONSERVATION - We have burst all dimensions and are now in the position to deliver - ex stock - one of the worlds largest available matting board. The board posseses excellent diagonal cutting characteristics, is ideal for conservation quality framing, mounting and as picture backings. Permanency in accordance with ISO 9706. Format cuttings available on request.

Item no. 01526/8
• Size: 182 x 252 cm
• Colour: light white (solid colour)
• Thickness: approx. 2.6 mm
• Weight: approx. 1800 gsm
• Delivery: reamed 3 sheets/packaging or unreamed on pallets

For further questions please contact us at +49 (8323) 965 330 or via e-mail.

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