New addition in our product range: Two-piece, stackable archival box KS 19

The two-piece, stackable archival box KS 19 ist ideal for horizoontal archival storage.

An archival box made of two parts, the corpus includes a slide-in base tray (can be pulled out) with drop-front and attached flap. Ideal for the storage of expansion folders, unbound and loose-leaf collections and newspapers. For storage purposes the boxes can be stacked horizontally, one upon each other. The boxes are manufactured either from corrugated board MW 1.65 (560 gsm) or MW 1.7 mm (680 gsm). Also available as a drop-front single piece with an attached flap.

Upon interest, please visit our website or turn to our sales colleagues who can be reached by phone (+49 8323 9653 30) or by email.

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