New addition to our standard product range: Archival board 048 solid light grey (dyed throughout) – now available in 400 gsm.

The standard product range of archival board products in solid colours (dyed thoughout) and with special surface treatment has been expanded – you can now order light grey sheets of archival board in 400 gsm.

In addition to the grammages of 240, 330 and 530 gsm we now offer the quality 048 also in 400 gsm, and have thus minimized the gap between 330 and 530 gsm!

The board possesses excellent grooving/creasing characteristics due to high long-fibre content and is very suitable for producing envelopes, archival files and folders, for the use as separating sheets as well as file and folder covers. The board is free of optical brightening agents and has passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) in accordance with ISO 18916.

Item no. 048400
Weight: 400 gsm
Size: 172 x 122 cm SG (short grain)

A4 samples are available on request. E-Mail inquiry.

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