New in our product range: 90 gsm transparent paper on reel

Unbuffered, transparent archival paper especially suitable as interleaving sheets for archival storage of photographs and negatives.

This unbuffered archival paper was selected for an inheritance, comprising of a large collection of architectural plans. The paper was used as interleaving sheets between each architectural plan.

Material charateristics:
• It is available in large sizes
• Reel width of 157 cm is suitable for large-sized objects, for example architectural plans
• Due to the adequate paper strength of 90 gsm, even the large size of this paper is easy to handle
• Inspite of the basis weight of 90 gsm the paper is transparent/translucent if it is placed directly on the object
• Surface texture is smooth, firm, erasable - dirt and loose ink or paint particles adhere hardly
• The paper is unbuffered, an important criteria where the contact with buffered papers - due to possible interactions between the buffer substance and the ink complexes - should be avoided.
• Photographic Activity Test (PAT) passed in accordance with the ISO 18916-2009 norm.

Item 01025
• Weight 90 gsm
• Reel width 157 cm
• Reel length 50 m
• Reel diameter 76 mm
• Reel weight: 8 kg/reel

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