New in our product range: Blotting paper – sheets or reeled

Blotting paper is unglued, unbuffered, minimally pressed paper, the structure of which allows efficient absorption of liquids well through capillary action. The paper contains a considerable proportion of cotton fibres, since these are particularly absorbent.

Blotting paper – natural white
Neutral, acid-free, ageing-resistant, soft absorbent blotting paper without optical brightening agents. The relatively rough yet soft surface makes the paper ideal for use as intermediate layers, in folders and preservation booklets. Originals placed on or between this paper, slide around less, which reduces mechanical strain on the originals – a characteristics that is much appreciated by conservators. Blotting paper is available can be purchased either as sheets or reeled. More product information here.

Upon interest please contact our sales colleagues who can be reached by phone (+49 8323 9653 30) or by e-mail.

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