New in our product range of boxes: Two-piece boxes for textiles

Antique textiles should remain preserved and untouched in all their splendour and glory, so that posterity may also appreciate them. Clothes are a historical source demonstrating the ever-changing trends in fashion.

KLUG textile boxes are large-format, two-piece boxes, consisting of a base and lid. They are particularly suitable for the storage of flat-lying textiles of all kinds (e.g. clothing, wallpaper, carpets, flags, cloths or textile fragments).

  • Due to the folding construction smooth-walled interiors.
  • The all-around- triple wall thickness allows boxes of the same size to be stacked on top of each other.
  • The boxes offer protection against humidity, temperature fluctuations and other environmental influences.
  • Ideal in combination with silk tissue paper for wrapping or lining objects being stored or for polstering void space in storage containers.
  • The boxes can also be used for storing other kinds of large-format objects made of paper, wood or other materials.

Product assortment KS 16 two-piece boxes for textiles

If you are interested, please visit our website or turn to our sales colleagues who can be reached by phone (+49 8323 9653 30) or by e-mail. Application examples, read more >>.

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