Passepartout / Matting and Mounting Board available in size 100 x 140 cm in various white shades

Are you looking for passe-partout/matting and mounting board in toned white colour, in the format 100 x 140 cm or 80 x 100 cm? We can now offer you a wide range of toned white board material.

• Size: 100 x 140 cm and 80 x 100 cm
• Surface structure: ribbed or vellum (smooth top surface)
• Thickness: available in approx. 1.6 mm,  2.1 mm and 3.1 mm
Colours available - Colour chart
H10 porcelainn, ribbed
H11 pure white, ribbed
H 12 powder, ribbed
H13 buff, vellum
H14 ivory, vellum  
H20 snow white, vellum
H21 lucid white, ribbed  
H22 weiß, vellum    
H23 yellowish, vellum
H24 natural white, vellum    
H27 light sand, vellum

At the moment it is quite difficult to find toned white coloured board material, especially in large formats, or they have been totally removed from stock assortments. Due to increased customer demand for these kinds of passe-partout /matting boards, we have decided to stock up our product range. Interested? For a colour sample and offer please contact Mrs. Irmgard Haberstock at the following e-maill address

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