Two-piece storage box with puzzle connection ends

In 2002 a huge KS 16 two-piece storage box made from conservation board was produced at our works. The box had a quadratic cross-section of 60 x 60 cm und a length of well over 4 metres. The box was made using both corrugated board as well as honeycomb panels.

The utility of modern production machinery enabled us optimal use of the static strengths of the paper, board, corrugated board as well as of the honeycomb panels. A very newly developed method, currently being registered for patency, enabled us to produce over-sized boxes from two or more sheets. Sheet sections were cut precisionly by a digital cutting and creasing machine, and thereafter put together just like a jigsaw puzzle.

The puzzle connection ends which had been put together, were optionally covered by either a layer of archival paper that can be glued using gummed linen tape or by using box inserts. In this way, the complete construction was provided with extra support and in addition was more resilient under pressure. After drying, the assembled parts were folded together and the box was set up. For further stability the sides and base of the box were reinforced with multiple honeycomb panels.

Please click here to download the digital version of the application example. 

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