Protective enclosures for artwork collections on paper, in archives and libraries

by Dirk Schoenbohm, Eva Glueck, Michael Kuehner, Gerhard Banik, Restaurator. Volume 31, magazine 3-4, pages 286–303, ISSN (online) 1865-8431, ISSN (print) 0034-5806, DOI: 10.1515/rest.2010.020, /December/2010

Today, it is generally acknowledged that artwork collections on paper, in archives as well as in libraries should be stored in protective enclosures. These enclosures should mechanically protect the artwork (objects) during transportation, prevent them from deposition of dust and dirt, and should at least to a certain degree, provide basic protection in the case of flooding or fire. Nowdays, the importance of high quality corrugated board material for protective enclosures is increasing rapidly. Depending upon their composition, these board materials must meet the standards ISO 16245-2009 and ISO 9706-2009 respectively. This case study documents the extent to which these protective enclosures are able to compensate environmental fluctuations.

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