Successful introduction of the "BVM V Version" - Further development of the "Book Measuring Device"


The electromechanical book measuring device developed by KLUG-CONSERVATION for precise digital measuring of collection objects and with direct interface to the KLUG Boxing System is, as of now, immediately available in the new version "BVM V".

Apart from improved interface functions to the KLUG Boxing System, this new version stands out due to its simplified user functions. This enables customers, who are borrowing the machinery, free of cost, the possibility to take exact dimensions of the objects being measured as well as note the box type, material and signature. The measured data is saved in a data file which can be read by most spreadsheet programs such as Excel, Calc etc. Measuring and transmission errors are excluded.

A new demonstration film has also been developed to illustrate the KLUG Boxing System. Click here to start the film.

For further information please contact Mr. Ludwig Lechner at (08323) 9653 366 or via E-Mail at