Tubes for roll storage - made from KLUG mounting and matting - various sizes available ex-stock


We have again increased our stock assortment of tubes (reels) made for roll storage.

The tubes are made from KLUG mounting and matting board, quality 01705, in natural white and manufactured without the usage of optical brightening agents.

The following diameters are available ex-stock: 100 mm, 120 mm and 150 mm tubes - each of 2 mm wall thickness and 2,10 m length. Also available, is a 300 mm diameter tube of 3,0 mm wall thickness and 2,50 m length.

Our manufacturing facilities enable us to cut the tubes to any required, arbitrary length.

The customer advantages lie in the immediate avialablity and favourable price, which KLUG has been able to achieve by producing in larger quantities.

Upon customer request, any individual required diameter, length and wall thickness can be delivered.

The tubes (reels) are insusceptible to aging. This can be guaranteed with a quality warranty.

We would also like to supplement this archiving possibility by refering to our telescope type NOMI®-Box KS 16 with reel inserts (for roll storage).

In these boxes one can gently and effectively store large-sized objects, such as geographical maps, blueprints, flags, architectural plans, textiles, carpets etc. The original is wound around a reel which is then placed in the NOMI-Box. The head-ends of the roll are supported by two pieces of board, thus the original is exposed to no pressure.

This also permits easy handling (placement and removal) of the stored object.