Working together hand-in-hand for the preservation of cultural artefacts: IPM measures at KLUG-CONSERVATION

Good strategies for the preservation of cultural artefacts also include integrated Pest Management Measures (IPM).

Organisation of a functioning IPM system has become increasingly complicated not least due to global climate changes. The proliferation of pests as well as their distribution – such as through storage and transport – represent a growing risk for infestation of cultural artefacts.

KLUG CONSERVATION includes human beings as a risk factor in its IPM system and continuously develops preventive measures in cooperation with customers, freight forwarders and suppliers in order to safeguard the preservation of our cultural heritage in the future.

KLUG-CONSERVATION’s IPM is implemented as a standard, with all its measures corresponding to DIN EN 16790: “Conservation of cultural heritage - Integrated pest management (IPM) for protection of cultural heritage”. The self-monitoring system includes coordination of measures necessary for prevention or during infestation. It comprises three core areas.

  1. Preventive measures: prevention of infestation
  2. Monitoring and diagnosis: recognition of infestation
  3. Pest management measures as required

United in the preservation of cultural artefacts
Even the best self-monitoring system can only be effective if all the parties involved cooperate. We can only achieve the best possible protection of our cultural artefacts if you – our customers, suppliers and freight forwarders – also implement the principles of IPM.

Further information about KLUG-CONSERVATION IPM is provided here.

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