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With over 150 years of experience, KLUG-CONSERVATION has developed the know-how to produce premium quality products, ensuring maximum permanency for the long-term preservation of cultural assets for archives, museums, libraries and picture framers.
KLUG-CONSERVATION's core area of expertise is the preservation of tangible cultural heritage. An appropriate preservation method respects and preserves, at all times, the intangible value of the cultural artefact.

The close collaboration with clients and cooperation with the paper industry, research institutes, academies and universities promotes the development of improved or innovative products. This is essential for maintaining a consistently high quality standard, as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the conservation field. This enables us to provide you with the finest products, economical solutions and technical competency which we would like to share with you in our „Technical Knowledge folders".

If you have any queries, our team of specialists are happy to assist and advise.

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Two-dimensional works of art are becoming larger and more voluminous – an ideal backboard is the honeycomb panel.

KLUG Honeycomb panels in natural white colour, an ideal backboard solution for large-format works of art. There is a size change for KLUG Honeycomb panels. » more

Transparent polyester envelopes in U-style

Transparent SECOL polyester pocket pages (opening on the smaller side) made from P1 polyester material with 0.075 mm thickness (75µ). Photographic Activity Test (PAT) passes in accordance with the ISO 18916 norm has been added to our U-style envelope assortment. » more