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With over 140 years of experience, KLUG has developed the know-how to produce premium quality products, ensuring maximum permanency for the long-term preservation of cultural assets and modern data carriers in archives, museums, libraries and galleries.
KLUG-CONSERVATION's core area of expertise is the preservation of tangible cultural heritage. An appropriate preservation method respects and preserves, at all times, the intangible value of the cultural artefact.

The close collaboration with clients and cooperation with the paper industry, research institutes, academies and universities promote the development of innovative new products. Thereby, we ensure the highest quality of our products.This enables us to provide you with the finest products, economical solutions and technical competency which we would like to share with you in our  „Technical Knowledge Folder".

If you have any queries, our team of specialists are happy to assist and advise.

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ARA Conference Newcastle/England
The ARA Conference 2014 took place on the 28th August in Newcastle/England. » more
Air Quality in Storage Cabinets – Cause and Effect
The “Schinkel’s Legacy” Project at the Kupferstichkabinett Berlin - Air Quality in Storage Cabinets – Cause and Effect - is the summary of a multi-annual investigation of Fabienne Meyer/Dagmar Hansen/Vladimir Knjasev/Gerhard Volland. » more
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