Blotting boards

Blotting board is a neutral, soft, unglued, without an alkaline buffer (unbuffered), minimally pressed, highly absorbent, acid-free board without optical brightening agents. It consists of a high proportion of cotton fibres. Thanks to the open capillaries of blotting board, fluids can be absorbed very quickly and effectively. KLUG-CONSERVATION blotting boards offer a particularly high capillary rise of over 150 ml in 10 min. When treated appropriately, blotting boards can be used for many processing cycles in restoration processes.
040 – natural white
A highly absorbent acid-free and soft-textured fleece board with good wet-strength and a high cotton fibre content, suitable for preservation and archival storage purposes. The board is pH-neutral, and is manufactured without an alkaline buffer (unbuffered) and without the use of optical brightening agents.
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