Wraparound boxes

Wraparound boxes are a logical development of familiar folder constructions. Starting from folders with three flaps, the aim was to meet a need for better protection through thicker materials and suitable closures. Effective protection of many kinds of cultural artefacts can be achieved with economical and material-saving wraparound boxes.
KS 1
A simple and reasonably priced folder type, wraparound box for storing books, archival material and other objects. Often used for exhibition transports.
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KS 2
A tightly closing folder type, wraparound box especially suitable for heavy books. The interior surfaces of the box are smooth and additional stability is achieved with a double-walled construction.
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KS 11
A folder type, wraparound box very similar to the design of the KS 1 box, yet with an attached base insert. Suitable for books and other kinds of archival objects. The narrow closing flap does not touch the object being archived.
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