The individual protective packaging

In recent years individual protective packaging has established itself as a supplement and at times even an alternative to the conventional stock safeguarding measures. Exact measurements of an object, which are required to make the ideal most suitable protective packaging, can be easily determined using KLUG-CONSERVATION’s book measuring device, specifically developed for this purpose. Subsequently, using these measurements the protective packaging is fabricated on a large size plotter - it can be one single piece or a small series and also in large-size formats. Ageing resistant paper material, which is in accordance with the EN ISO 9706 standard, builds the basis for long-term protection.

Almost all the archival storage products produced by KLUG-CONSERVATION are completely foldable constructions, thus avoiding the use of glues, staples, ears and blanks. In rare cases, when the use of glue is necessary, only special glues suitable for long-term preservation, e.g. starch or protein are used. In a very short span of time a suitable packaging for a valuable item can be fabricated. Furthermore, all our archival packaging is manufactured with an excellent price-performance ratio in comparison to the traditional boxes made by bookbinders. 

With every packaging solution, the customer receives computer-animated folding instructions. The protective packaging can be individually inscribed either manually or by using our precision cutter. All individual archival products can be marked with ageing resistant, gummed signature labels. Optionally all items can be marked directly on our boxmaking machine using ageing resistant ink.

KLUG's flexible production process enables the manufacture of not only custom-made individual orders, but also small series and large quantity orders. You can buy and/or lease the complete boxing system.

Boxing system
The production system is composed of one or several book measuring devices, a cutting and grooving plotter, CAD/CAM software to design the packaging products, various equipment drivers and several grooving tools and knives adapted to KLUG materials.
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