The predecessors of today's mounting board date back to the graphic collections from the 16th century. In those days originals were glued to a sheet of paperboard and subsequently covered with another piece of paperboard with a cut-out window. Originally mounts were stored in drawers or folders.

KLUG-CONSERVATION manufactures mounting boards, foldable mounts and mount assemblies with and without a cover sheet, as well as various other products for the presentation, display and archiving of sheeted material. The computer-controlled manufacturing system offers the following advantages:

  • high accuracy with regard to size and angle between the cutout and exterior size
  • no overlapping within the cutout, neither on the front nor on the back sides
  • delivery of finished mount assemblies possible
  • multi-window mounts possible
  • simple digital data processing (entry method) using the mount configurator
  • no recruitment of highly qualified staff necessary
  • economical due to rationalised production methods.

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