Novo test paper – wood-free

Lignin-free (wood-free) test paper recommended for paper deacidification, or for testing the "Effectiveness of paper deacidification processes” using a test paper according to ISO/TS 18344/DIN 32701.

Specifications for lignin-free paper

  • Fibre material (pulp) containing at least 65% bleached sulfite pulp (hard wood or softwood) with hemicelluloses, can contain up to 35% of a different bleached fibre material (e.g. kraft pulp)
  • Filling material 10% – 15% kaolin (china clay)
  • Area density 80 gsm
  • No surface treatment, machine finish
  • Sizing according to Cobb 60s 20 ± 2 gsm
  • Stock sizing with resin alum
  • No surface sizing
  • No optical brightening agents
  • Acid content, specified as negative alkaline reserve -0.3 ± 0.1 Ma-% MgCO3
  • No specification is made for the pH of the extract; this must be determined and documented after production
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