Our special offers include surplus goods and products with minor blemishes. Quality is unaffected and compliance with at least EN ISO 9706 or relevant guidelines for the conservation of photographic material is assured. The number of available items is limited.
Blotting board – natural white
Weight 700 gsm, thickness 2.0 mm, size 120 x 160 cm
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File folder – archival board 048 light grey, 240 gsm
File folder made of archival board 048 light grey, 240 gsm, interior dimensions 320 x 230 x 30 mm
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Hanging File folder with filing mechanism
made from archival board light grey, 330 gsm, item 940151. Suitable for the archival storage and filing of pre-punched A4 size sheets and documents.
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File folders without flaps
available in various materials, weights and dimensions.
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Expansion folder with three flaps – Juris folder
available in archival board 048, 300 gsm, light grey and in dye and pigment-free archival board, natural colour in 300 gsm and in 330 gsm.
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Hanging File folder
manufactured from archival board light grey, 330 gsm. Suitable for filing unpunched sheets and documents. Available without black linen edging on the sides, two runners and attached plastic label holder. The filing mechanism is supplied loosely.
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Envelopes in U-style – archival board for records
Archival board 048 light grey, 330 gsm, thickenss 0,35 mm, for gramophone records 8" and 12", with centred hole
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Envelopes for documents
Archival board 048, light grey, 240 gsm, 220 x 343 x 40 mm, archival paper 048 light grey, 130 gsm with expansion gusset 210 x 325 x 20 mm
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KS 16 Two-piece box – only base section of the box
made from MW 1.6 mm, 560 gsm, light grey/natural white, interior box dimensions 82 x 124 x 52 mm
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