Preservation of cultural heritage

The brand KLUG-CONSERVATION researches, develops and creates products for all those who are entrusted with valuable cultural artefacts. Our aim of "preserving values" is not just about our products, which preserve cultural artefacts, but also about embracing our social responsibilities. The symbolic ribbon emphasises the link between our dedication to the preservation of cultural heritage and our commitment to the values associated with ethical business practices. Day after day we devote all our time and energy to the preservation of cultural assets and our responsibility towards society.

The confidence of our customers in our products and services is our most precious asset. Customers of KLUG-CONSERVATION are guaranteed reliability with regard to long-term storage as well as in terms of sustainability. Our focus is on honesty and transparency of our products and actions rather than on profit. We vouch for the quality of our products and accept full liability for their suitability and durability beyond the minimum statutory warranty period of 24 months.

The dialogue with our customers, employees and suppliers is characterised by openness, fairness and friendliness. We welcome feedback, including suggestions, criticism and difficulties.

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