Preservation of cultural heritage

KLUG-CONSERVATION is committed to the preservation of objects of cultural value – with focus on material artefacts and in particular movable objects. Proper material preservation is after all essential for conservation of the intangible value of cultural heritage.

The aim of passive or preventive preservation is to delay the process of deterioration by keeping harmful influences at bay. The primary goal of preventive preservation using KLUG products is to preserve and protect the current state of an object. This is symbolised by our red curved band. We would therefore always advise against any kind of intervention that may alter the material or immaterial value of a cultural artefact.

KLUG products fulfil all ageing resistance requirements from the composition of the raw materials used for our papers to the huge range of our archival storage products, such as boards, folders, enclosures and boxes. We moreover offer a legally binding quality guarantee for our products based on the technical requirements of the EN ISO 9706 and ISO 16245 standards. Products designed for photographic archival storage are additionally PAT-tested.

KLUG-CONSERVATION also aims to provide each customer with an economical solution for every budget – from individual item to small- or large-scale production. State-of-the-art technical expertise and decades of experience allow us to manufacture customised products – helping to protect cultural heritage for the next generations.

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