Preservation of cultural heritage

KLUG-CONSERVATION has always been committed to the preservation of cultural heritage – with the main focus on two and three dimensional, movable objects. After all, with respect to appropriate material preservation one can help preserve and conserve the intangible value of a cultural artefact.

The aim of passive preservation is the prevention of damage and further deterioration of cultural heritage by decelerating harmful influences. The primary goal of preventive preservation by implementing KLUG products is to maintain the status quo of the object at the time of treatment. The red curved band symbolically represents the actual state of the object. Therefore, we as a company are committed to preserve the original status of the object and we will not suggest any kind of intervention that might consequently lead to the loss of the original condition.

Starting from the composition of our paper and flat board qualities up to the vast assortment of our archival storage products such as boxes, folders, envelopes and various other products, we guarantee absolute durability and permanency for all KLUG products. We supply each product with a legally binding quality guarantee based on the technological requirements of the EN ISO 9706 and ISO 16245 standards. Simultaneously, products designed for photographic archival storage are PAT- tested.

KLUG-CONSERVATION aims to provide each of their valued customers, regardless whether it's a single unit order, a small serial or a large-scale production, with the finest products economically manufactured to suit their budget. State-of-the-art technical expertise and decades of experience enable us to manufacture tailor-made products to suit each individual customer – We help you to protect your cultural heritage for the next generation.