Q-Lab: The quality of the past lies in the future

KLUG-CONSERVATION's Q-Lab is entirely dedicated to research and development. Constant exchange between a team consisting of scientists, engineers, technologists and users safeguards the preservation of history, while working on an innovative future. Never satisfied, and always looking for the very best products to preserve cultural artefacts, our experts are developing new and ever better products. Top quality and a leading edge are ensured by the Development Department with an in-house lab. That's KLUG.

Our “Quality for the future” emblem guarantees that all our products fulfil the five manufacturing criteria for ageing-resistant paper materials prescribed by EN ISO 9706. They comply with the technological requirements specified by all relevant standards and regulations including ISO 16245, type A. >> more

KLUG-CONSERVATION’s IPM is in our house implemented as a standard, with all its measures corresponding to DIN EN 16790: “Conservation of cultural heritage - Integrated pest management (IPM) for protection of cultural heritage”. The self-monitoring system includes coordination of measures necessary for prevention or during infestation. It comprises three core areas. >> more


We welcome external verification of what we consider to be a matter of course. We fulfil requirements continuously. Our materials and processes are consistently transparent. This creates security and builds confidence – for our customers and employees. >> more

ES Products
This innovative line of products was developed in our Q-Lab. ES stands for “emission-free, starch-based adhesive”. This natural and pH-neutral adhesive is used in all KLUG-CONSERVATION products marked “ES”. >> more

Individual product
In a constructive dialogue as partners, our experts help you to develop your desired product in compliance with individual specifications – from planning to development and realisation. With guaranteed ageing resistance, from prototype to large-scale production. >> go to configuration

Technical Knowledge folder
We like to share our knowledge, insights and experience in the field of preservation of cultural artefacts. You can have a look at some past issues in the archive or subscribe to our Technical Knowledge folder here.

We have excellent links to the paper industry, academies, research societies and universities. >> to our affiliations
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