Overview of our service benefits

Advisory service

  • Free examination of your artwork collection (inventory)
  • Free development of your preservation project
  • Complete handling of your preservation project


  • Free provision of a measuring device to allow quick and precise measurement of two-dimensional (e.g. graphic art, photographs etc.) and three-dimensional (e.g. books, files etc.) objects
  • Measurement of the dimensions of objects as well as signatures and titles to the nearest millimetre


  • Sizes with plus tolerance  – max. ± 7 mm
  • Rough cuts of formats for most product free of charge, for orders of more than 1 sales unit (formats can be divided into halves, thirds, quarters, sixths, eighths or ninths)
  • Fine cuts (e.g. 4-sided angular cut), special and customised formats on request
  • Mount cutting service


  • Individual custom-made lamination (modular concept)
  • Various board thicknesses available
  • Special colours on request


  • Individual packaging units on request
  • Ream packaging in paper or plastic bags
  • Packaging of individual product combinations on request (e.g. box filled with envelopes etc.)


  • All folders, binders and boxes – on request – also available assembled and folded ready-for-use
  • Or space-saving storage and easy handling due to delivery as flat goods
  • Flat goods for quick assembly in few steps, with clear folding instructions as animated images or PDF
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