Since the turn of the century tubes have been industrially manufactured on tube winding machines. In order to cope with the steadily increasing demand of spinning mills for small tubes, a different and faster production technique had to be developed. Paperboard was wound onto a wooden core on a rotating axle and the layers were glued together. KLUG-CONSERVATION tubes are made from ageing resistant, spiral-wound, natural white coloured paper plies. Tube caps made of age-resistant cardboard or PE can be ordered separately.

Tubes – made from conservation board
Archival storage tubes made from spiral-wound, natural white, ageing resistant conservation board. Board plies are glued with a quality tested lamination glue, pH-neutral and free of softening agents. Cutting to customer size on request, tubes available in various diameter sizes and can be cut to a max. length of 10 m. Tube joining segments are also available to extend the lengths of 150/200 mm diameter tubes to a max. of 4200 mm.
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Tube caps – made from corrugated board
Ageing-resistant corrugated board caps, suitable for our tubes made from conservation board. The caps are two laminated circular cut-outs. The outer circle has a slightly larger radius than the inner circle. These caps can be used for long-term archiving or for transportation purposes.
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Tube caps – made from PE plastic
Plastic press-on caps for our tubes made from conservation board. PE caps are used as transport caps. Each ordered tube comes with two of these PE caps. Additional caps are available on request.
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