Archival boxes

Archives aim to order, keep and preserve archival material as well as to make it accessible for use by the general public. Archival storage boxes in archives serve an important function: they protect, retain and form a unit out of a mass of loose records. The archival storage box is the most commonly used form of packaging in this area.
KS 7
An archival box made of two parts, the corpus includes a slide-in base tray (can be pulled out) with drop-front and attached flap. Ideal for the storage of expansion folders, unbound and loose-leaf collections and newspapers. For storage purposes the boxes can be stacked horizontally, one upon each other. Also available as a drop-front single piece with an attached flap.
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KS 13
A clamshell type storage box with roundabout, double-walled construction for additional strength. Smooth interior surfaces. Also available with drop-front on the long side and with box partitions. Suitable for the storage of microfiches, postcards and film negatives.
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KS 14
An archival box for the upright storage of expansion folders, glass plates, collections with loose and unbound objects, magazines and brochures. Smooth interior surfaces. Upon request available with a finger hole, with upright supports and with a flap on the front side.
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KS 14 for gramophone records
A double-walled archival box for the upright storage of vinyl gramophone records, LP 33, 45 and 78 min-1. Made from corrugated board material MW 1.7, 680 gsm, exterior colour grey-blue, interior natural white, with smooth interior surfcace. Delivery flat, on request assembled and upright.
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KS 15
An archival box made of two parts, a corpus and base tray which ca be pulled out. Ideal for the storage of small objects like postcards, film negatives and glass plates. The boxes can be shelved or stacked upon each other. Suitable for glass slides as well as glass plates and also available with partition inserts for ten plates.
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