Two-piece boxes

Two-piece boxes of all sorts of designs and sizes are used for a great variety of objects of cultural value. Two-piece boxes are often a very good choice, from very small folded boxes such as for thimbles, to very large versions – sometimes composed of several parts assembled with jigsaw puzzle style connections – for storing items like large textiles.
KS 8
Reasonably priced, two-piece box consisting of a base and lid. Suitable for the archival storage of textiles, paintings and collection items.
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KS 12
A two-piece box with roundabout, double-walled construction providing additional strength. A very sturdy and strong storage box with smooth interior surfaces.
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KS 16
A classical, two-piece box with both base and lid double-walled on two sides, thus providing additional strength. A very sturdy and strong construction with smooth interior surfaces. Our most popular and reasonablly priced two-piece box, umpteen times in use.
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KS 16 with pull-strap and partition inserts
A two-piece box suitable for archiving postcards, index cards and microfiches. Made from corrugated board MW 1.7 mm, double-walled on two sides, very sturdy, smooth interior surfaces. A textile pull-strap is attached on the smaller side of the base of the box. Delivered with three loose, partition insert segments.
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KS 16 with tube insert
Roll storage boxes suitable for large-size and delicate archival objects. (e.g. geographical/architecteral maps, textiles etc.) The tube in the box is made from spirally wound conservation board and is supported by two layers of corrugated board.
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