Application example: Two-piece archival box with removable supporting board for the storage of shoes



Among the wardrobe of the Austrian Order of the Iron Crown, ten pairs of shoes made of white velvet with blue satin rosettes and silver fringes have been preserved.

For storage and transport a two-piece archival box with base and lid was designed in close cooperation with the company KLUG-CONSERVATION. The KS 16 box is made of cholrine and acid-free archival cardboard material (corrugated B-flute 3.0 mm). It disposes of a drop front on the lean end of the box in order to remove a separate supporting board. For easier handling, the drop front and the lean ends of the lid were provided with finger holes and a cotton strap was attached to the supporting board.

A report by Univ.-Ass. Dipl.-Rest. (FH) Tanja Kimmel. Photos/© KHM, Tanja Kimmel.

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