Archival box with grid partitions

Apart from the many possibilities available for archival storage, the following solutions have proven most appropriate in museums, archives and in libraries:

Simple compartment sections created by using partition grids (at least one partition grid lengthwise and one crosswise), with partition grids cut to half. For additional lateral stability the partition grids are frequently made from either single or double-walled corrugated board.  

Partition grids which are centrically folded and stuck together (with technical gelatine adhesive), are cut in the centre, snugly folded into each other with closed partition edges. The compartments formed are of extraordinary stability.
Partition grids, however with additional lateral stability in the double-walled panels of the boxes. Due to the lateral (sideways) anchorage of the partition walls, compartments can be made only crosswise or lengthwise.

The height of each partition grid can be specified individually and do not depend upon the height of the box. The partition grid can be made lower of size or higher than the side walls of the box. (also refer to KS 15 archival boxes)
Compartment sections made from either solid or corrugated board, are made by simply adjusting the folding boxes into larger boxes.

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