On the safe side


Quality assurance plays a very important role at KLUG-CONSERVATION. This is clearly demonstrated by certifications for our products and services obtained from independent institutions. As a reliable long-term partner, we offer our customers maximum security and full confidence in our products.


FSC® certification

Our FSC® paper and board products are exclusively manufactured from controlled sustainable virgin cellulose fibre.

The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) has developed standards for sustainable forest management in line with its goal to ensure that our forests are kept alive for generations to come. With these global guidelines, unprecedented stakeholder involvement and support from reputable companies as well as recognized environmental and social organizations, FSC is acknowledged as the most credible solution for sustainable forest management.

As a manufacturer and retailer of FSC-certified paper and board products, Walter Klug GmbH & Co. KG holds a chain of custody (CoC) certification. This means that all steps of the supply chain – from the forest to the final finished product – are certified according to applicable FSC® standards and reviewed annually. The FSC® certificate for Walter Klug GmbH & Co. KG can be seen here: FSC® certificate

Climate Neutral Allgaeu Alliance 2030

KLUG-CONSERVATION has committed to becoming climate-neutral by 2030. (Certificate)

The initial focus will be on reducing our own CO2 emissions by means of improved energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energies on site. KLUG-CONSERVATION will implement the following measures:

  • The company building meets Passive House standard
  • 65% of consumed power is generated by KLUG-CONSERVATION
  • Additionally purchased electricity is sustainably sourced 100% green power
  • All conventional lighting is replaced by LED
  • Switching to e-mobility is supported by company charging stations
  • Waste heat generated by the building is recovered through heat exchangers and used for heating
  • Heat supply of the building is controlled by AI (artificial intelligence) radiators
  • Business trips are reduced and increasingly replaced by video conferences
  • Car and air travel is avoided extensively
  • Business processes are increasingly paperless
  • Fair trade organic products (coffee, fruit) are purchased for staff catering.

Unavoidable residual emissions are compensated by supporting high-quality CO2-reduction projects in the region and abroad. The international projects in developing and emerging countries are certified and meet the highest standards.

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