On the safe side


Quality assurance plays a very important role at KLUG-CONSERVATION. This is clearly demonstrated by certifications for our products and services obtained from independent institutions. As a reliable long-term partner, we offer our customers maximum security and full confidence in our products.


FSC® certification

Our paper and board products are manufactured from 100% FSC®-certified, fresh fibre cellulose. The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) has developed standards for sustainable forest management in line with its goal to ensure that our forests are kept alive for generations to come. As a manufacturer and retailer of FSC-certified paper products, Walter Klug GmbH & Co. KG holds a chain of custody (CoC) certification. This verifies that the entire path of the product – from the forest to becoming finished goods – is FSC®-certified and trackable. The FSC® licence code for Walter Klug GmbH & Co. KG is FSC®-C147268 and the certificate code is GFA-COC-003913. FSC® certificate

Climate Neutral Allgaeu Alliance 2030

KLUG-CONSERVATION has committed to becoming climate-neutral by 2030. (Certificate)

The initial focus will be on reducing our own CO2 emissions by means of improved energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energies on site. KLUG-CONSERVATION will implement the following measures:

  • The company building meets Passive House standard
  • 65% of consumed power is generated by KLUG-CONSERVATION
  • Additionally purchased electricity is sustainably sourced 100% green power
  • All conventional lighting is replaced by LED
  • Switching to e-mobility is supported by company charging stations
  • Waste heat generated by the building is recovered through heat exchangers and used for heating
  • Heat supply of the building is controlled by AI (artificial intelligence) radiators
  • Business trips are reduced and increasingly replaced by video conferences
  • Car and air travel is avoided extensively
  • Business processes are increasingly paperless
  • Fair trade organic products (coffee, fruit) are purchased for staff catering.

Unavoidable residual emissions are compensated by supporting high-quality CO2-reduction projects in the region and abroad. The international projects in developing and emerging countries are certified and meet the highest standards.

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