On the safe side


Quality assurance plays a very important role at KLUG-CONSERVATION. This is clearly demonstrated by certifications for our products and services obtained from independent institutions. As a reliable long-term partner, we offer our customers maximum security and full confidence in our products.


FSC™ certification

Our paper and board products are manufactured from 100% FSC-certified, fresh fibre cellulose. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) has developed standards for sustainable forest management in line with its goal to ensure that our forests are kept alive for generations to come. As a manufacturer and retailer of FSC-certified paper products, Walter Klug GmbH & Co. KG holds a certification of the supply chain (Chain of Custody (COC) certification). This means that all steps of the supply chain – from forest to final product – are certified under the FSC system. The FSC licence code for Walter Klug GmbH & Co. KG is FSC-C147268 and the certificate code is GFA-COC-003913. FSC certificate

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