Technical defect in our telephone system

We are currently unavailable by phone due to a technical defect. We are working at high speed to resolve the problem.
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New addition in our product range: Two-piece, stackable archival box KS 19

The two-piece, stackable archival box KS 19 ist ideal for horizoontal archival storage.
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Season's Greetings 2021 – Office hours between Christmas and the New Year

The year is coming to an end and we look back full of gratitude for your confidence in us this year with regard to the long-term protection of your valuable cultural artefacts. To help you to plan for the coming weeks, we would like to inform you about our opening hours at the turn of the year.
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Polyamide archiving clip – filing mechanism for use with folders, now suitable for commercially available file content transfer tools

Heads of archiving clips marketed since autumn 2021 fit inside commercially available file content transfer tools.
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Addition to product range: archival board 047 dyed throughout – now also in 450 gsm

We are extending our standard range of products – our grey-blue, surface-finished archival board 047 can now also be ordered in 450 gsm quality.
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