Clamshell box – KS 18 Premium: the perfect solution for archiving and protection.

We are pleased to present our Clamshell box – KS 18 Premium – an improved version of the well-known "Solander Box". This hinged clamshell box was developed in collaboration with various graphic collections and combines traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing processes. It is the ideal choice for preserving your valuable collections and archival documents.

Features of the KS 18 Premium clamshell box:

  • Ageing resistant: Made from 2 mm thick conservation board with a hard-wearing fabric cover, the KS 18 cassette type box offers excellent protection against external influences and ageing.
  • Made to the millimetre: Each box is produced individually according to your format specifications. This ensures a perfect snug fit for your collection items.
  • Tightly closing: The KS 18 is designed to effectively keep out dust, light and moisture.
  • Wide range of formats/sizes: We offer the box in various sizes to meet different requirements. From portrait formats to larger dimensions – thus the KS 18 Premium can be used very flexibly.
    Exemplary formats/sizes and materials:
    Portrait format 260 x 210 x 100 mm (int. dimensions) – made from 2.0 mm conservation board.
    Portrait format 350 x 260 x 100 mm (int. dimensions) – also made from 2.0 mm conservation board.
    These and other sizes can be produced and customized to your individual requirements. The boxes are delivered assembled, ready-for-use in your collection!

We look forward to protecting and preserving your valuable artefacts! Please check our website for further information and different options. You may contact us by phone here +49 (0) 8323 9653 30 or via email at


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