Archival folders and graphic portfolios for large posters

These types of folders are ideal for the flat storage of large size and oversize archival board material.Ex stock size for A0 format, dimensions flat (planar): 190 x 135 cm, dimensions folded 95/95 x 135 cm.

Material characteristics
: conservation board with an approx. weight of 400 gsm, thickness approx. 0.6 mm, material made from 100% bleached cellulose, free of wooden fibres, pH-value 8.0 – 9.5 = acid-free (in accordance with ISO 6588-1-2005), alkaline reserve (buffer) > 3 % natural calcium carbonate (GCC), sizing neutral/synthetic (without alum additive), OBA free, both board sides antique white in colour.

Design/execution: two-piece folder, the front flap is stuck with a sticking latch, with technical gelatine glue, to the cover of the reverse side. Variable spine width, up to 20 mm, with triple creasing, smooth interior surfaces.
Delivery: folded and packed with additional inbetween support boards in a KS 16 box. Quantity/unit: 50 folders/portfolios per packaging.

Please click here to download the digital version.

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