Archival boxes for rolled storage

Whether wallpapers, posters or geographical maps of historical value; all objects that are stored in rolled condition get the optimal protection from light and environmental influences with our protective packaging solutions.

Our archiving solution for the storage of rolled objects such as cards, posters, textiles and geographical plans comprises an elongated, two-piece box - consisting of a base and lid - including a tube made of ageing resistant museum board. The object is wrapped around the tube and then inserted into the box base with the help of two textile ribbons, enabling easier manoeuvrability. The object rests on two supports, affixed on the side interiors of the box. Thus, the object lies not directly rest on the base of the box and is therefore not exposed to any pressure. hence one can use the entire length of the box to gently insert or remove the object without any friction caused. Due to the small surface area of these stackable boxes, they do not require much space while shelved plus they also offer easy handling of large-format objects.

The protective packaging, made of ageing resistant, acid-free and lightfast corrugated board material, buffers short-term fluctuations in temperature and humidity. At the same time, the air and water vapour permeable material enable climatic exchange with the environment. The corrugated board also prevents condensation on the packaging and hence with no formation of mold on the stored inventories. Due to an alkaline reserve, the material of the boxes is resistant to ageing, it can stop fire for a short time and does not absorb water for a long time. The use of silk tissue paper (optionally with or without an alkaline buffer) completes this optimal packaging solution.

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