DIN 821-C Expansion binders "Juris Mappen" with three flaps


The DIN standard 821-C describes the measurements for documentation files, folders and coverings, among which expansion binders “Juris Folders” are also classified. Expansion binders manufactured in accordance with this standard have a front flap of the same width as the base area of the binder.
KLUG-CONSERVATION has a wide assortment of expansion binders, manufactured in accordance with the DIN 821-C standard, on stock. Expansion binders with reduced front flap widths (dependent upon th spine width) are also readily available.
The following picture below, shows an expansion binder (format 500x300x50 mm) manufactured in accordance with the DIN 821-C standard. The base area as well as the front flap (without multiple grooving for the individual choice of spine width) has a width of 300 mm. The expansion binder has a maximum spine width of 50 mm. If the binder is not completely filled with documents, but for example only fills teh spine width up to 40 mm, then the front flap will jut out by 10 mm.
For this reason we offer you expansion binders manufactured in accordance with DIN 821-C standard or with front flaps of reduced width (according to the unfilled spine width). We will gladly advise you while selecting your suitable expansion binder. We can also provide you with sample binders for both designs.