Gummed Paper Tape, Quality 067 (water-activated)

The present gummed paper tape, quality 066 - xx will be replaced by the quality 067 - xx. The new paper tape (067) is coated with a water-activated adhesive, based on potato starch.

The paper tape products which we have sold and distributed till end of 2009, with a adhesive coating based on gelatine, cannot be offered anymore. Since the end of 2009 this gelatine based adhesive cannot due to changes in the raw-material composition be produced anymore. 

The articles of the 066 paper tape quality shall be replaced by the new 067 quality. The raw paper material composition of the new 067 quality is basically based on the old 066 quality but with a potato starch based adhesive coating. The required purity (absolutely free of any harmful additives) remains guaranteed with our Quality of Guarantee.

For further information regading this product we advise you to check up the respective websites. Please note that the actual adhesive strength, that is the adhesive force, is only achieved after complete drying of the adhesive bond.

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